Saturday, July 26, 2014

Our Little Piggy Bank

\\ A tiny shiny UFO moving through Emerson's intestines //

Emerson is at the age where he is putting everything in his mouth. Initially I was proud of him for having such a wide palate - "he even eats spinach without even blinking" I'd brag - but then I realized that he'll chew on a mouthful of sand with the same enthusiasm that he devours the real food I give him, and I stopped feeling quite as proud.

Last week, he thought he'd show off his hand-to-mouth skills, and he put a penny in his mouth. After a little struggle (as I panicked and he choked) he swallowed it. And looked pretty proud of himself.

I immediately called our pediatrician, and spoke with a nurse who told us the worry with swallowing a penny was that it might get stuck in the esophagus or in the lungs. She recommended that we take Em to an emergency room and get an x-ray to make sure that the penny was in the safety zone (the stomach or intestines). Sure enough, an x-ray showed a big ol penny making its way through our tiny baby.

We have been on the lookout for the penny on, ahem, the other side of things, but haven't seen any sign of it. Until we do, Derek calls him our little piggy bank...and I keep grabbing things out of his mouth before he swallows them.  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Too Squirmy For Tradition

I've got a Pinterest account. I know that parents have all sorts of cute ways to document their baby's growth every month. I vowed to start all sorts of cute traditions as well.

At one month old, I plopped Emerson down on a blanket, placed a weird stuffed squirrel next to him for size comparison, and took a million pics of him by his "one month" sign while he laid on his back and cooed:

And...I faithfully documented his growth in a similar style every month.

At six months, I was able to grab maybe two decent pictures before the boy flipped over and crawled away.

He turned 7 months today and I couldn't get him to sit still for even one picture. He immediately tore his paper in half and ate part of it while scooting away from me as fast as he could go.

All our photos from here on out are probably going to be a blur. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dentally Precocious

\\ Six teeth in six months //
Poor Emerson broke his first teeth at four months; his two chompers on the bottom showed up out of nowhere. Everyone that stuck their fingers inside what you'd expect be a safe little 4 month old mouth got a razor sharp surprise. Those bottom teeth were followed by two top teeth last month, and just this week his excessive drooling indicated that two more teeth were already pushing their way through the top of his gums. There is something about those gappy pearly whites appearing every time he smiles instead of a gummy grin that makes me feel like my baby is just growing up way too fast.

Besides being a harbinger of his fleeting youth, the teeth also strike a little fear into me, since we're still breastfeeding. I am hoping to teach Emerson as best I can to use the power of his teeth for good, and not evil.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Walk The Commute 2014

\\ I know you're supposed to crop the photo to just get the logo and your face instead of the entire backdrop, but I liked the whole scene //

Last weekend marked the fourth anniversary of The Commute: the 24 hour, 52 mile walking event from San Jose to San Francisco that Derek organizes every year. I am usually a lot more involved in the event, either as a participant or at least a behind-the-scenes volunteer, but this year that baby distracted me from really doing either one. Instead, Emerson and I met everyone down at the halfway point to cheer on the brave souls that had already walked 26 miles and had another grueling 26 to go.

I'd like to think, much like puppy therapy at colleges during finals, a smiling baby waiting for you at the midway point might make you forget for a second that you have a blister on your foot the size of his giant head.

Huge congrats to the determined walkers that made it all the way this year! I'm always impressed with the fortitude I see on those streets, and love that Derek has helped start this movement. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sideways Sleeper

\\ proving already that I'm not the boss of him //

As soon as Emerson started rolling over on his own, I noticed that when I put him down in his crib he immediately turned onto his side to go to sleep. All these months we've been dutifully putting him to sleep on his back, but the second that he has a say in the matter, he chooses to sleep on his side.

I think watching this happen was one of the first glimpses I've had into seeing this little being as a person that has preferences and makes his own decisions. It has to feel so liberating for him to start gaining control over his little body more and more and to feel like he's the boss of things.

New Baby Smell

// For as much as he proclaims to like milk, he sure spits a lot of it back up \\

I cringe every time anyone leans in to Emerson's neck and takes a deeeeeeep whif, expecting the scent of baby powder and a thousand angel kisses and ready to proclaim how much they love "new baby smell," because technically Emerson smells faintly of regurgitated milk most of the time.

Yeah. I wonder why. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Loch Ness Diaper

We've just started feeding E solids in the last month or so, and he loves them. He eats everything from sweet applesauce to green peas with the same enthusiastic gusto that ends up leaving most of the food on the area surrounding his mouth and dripping down his chin.

The one downfall to this newfound love for food is what it has done to his diapers. It has turned his mild little breastfed dirty diapers into mega, super smelly, 10-wipe-required, squish-out-the-side-outfit-ruining diapers that I live in fear of having to change outside of the safe confines of our apartment.

So far, I'm the only one who witnessed one of these new terrifying diapers. Derek says that they are like the Loch Ness Monster; he's heard the tales, but despite doing his fair share of diaper changing, has yet to experience one of the mega poops himself.

I'm a believer, and know that one of these days, upon opening E's diaper, he'll be one too.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Welcome Baby: Baby Face

\\ Hard to know whose double chin and giant balding head he inherited //
When I was pregnant I would sit and wonder what our little baby's face was going to look like, and what features he might inherit from Derek and I. It is amazing to see the same tiny face that appeared on day one evolving as he gets older, but always recognizable as his own little face.

I'm still not 100% sure who he looks like most. I see flashes of both of us depending on what face he is making. Sadly, it looks like I might have given him my giant feet instead of my dimples, and Derek's mom doesn't have that plaid vest anymore, so he doesn't inherit that either.