Wednesday, November 13, 2013

re: Late

\\ taking long walks can help bring on labor... so i took a long walk to the jcrew 40% off sale //

Well. We've officially moved past the 40 week mark into baby overtime.

Sadly, it looks like in addition to inheriting his parents bad eyesight (this is still speculation, of course) the boy has acquired their knack for showing up fashionably late to everything.

40 weeks, one day, and counting ...  

Monday, November 11, 2013

re: Forced Simplicity

\\ Odds are, if you've seen me in the last 4 months I've been wearing one of these pairs of shoes. //

My co-worker told me the other day that she'd never seen me wear the same thing twice until I got pregnant. 

I suspect that was just a nice way of telling me that in case I thought nobody noticed that I basically have two outfits that I switch off wearing every other day, I'm sadly mistaken. 

Although I love clothes, I never wanted to spend a ton of money on maternity clothing - they make some really cute stuff these days, don't get me wrong, but somehow the idea of investing much in such a temporary wardrobe seemed like a waste of money and space, and I ended up doing a fairly good job at making due with some of the larger, tunic-y items and stretch pants that I already owned for a majority of my pregnancy. 

Of course, the few specifically maternity items I did buy out of necessity have turned out to be really comfortable, especially in these last few weeks, and despite my poo-pooing of them have been the things I find myself wearing daily. For someone who owns (cringe) upwards of 300 pairs of shoes and had an entire second bedroom dedicated to closet space for years, having to choose between only four pairs of shoes that actually fit has been surprisingly more liberating than restrictive. I won't be showing up on any "best dressed" lists, probably, but I've kind of enjoyed only having one pair of black shoes to choose from for any given occasion. 

(Of course, whether I'll feel that same way once I am trying to fit into all my old clothing again remains to be seen - though the simplicity of a pregnancy wardrobe has been unexpectedly nice, my tendencies towards an expansive wardrobe run deep. I'm hoping to meet my closet somewhere in the middle.)

Monday, November 4, 2013

re: In No Rush

\\ The mildly terrifying doll I learned to swaddle on //

"Don't worry," my BabyCenter email cheerfully told me a few weeks ago. "If you've been nervous about preterm labor, you'll be happy to know that babies born between 34 and 37 weeks who have no other health problems generally do fine."

I just stared at those words suddenly feeling like the wiggling creature in my belly had turned into a ticking time bomb. I'd kind of been counting on the last month of pregnancy to get A LOT of stuff done; Move into a new apartment; Train a replacement employee; Put together cribs and install car seats. The idea that this baby could in theory come AT ANY TIME sort of threw me into a panic.

"Oh, I delivered a month early," my co-worker told me, right before suggesting I probably have everything at work organized every night and set up as if I might not come back the next day. 

The thing is, I've been pretty good about anything that requires a checklist. Find a pediatrician? Check. Take my baby classes and learn how to swaddle an inanimate, kinda ugly plastic doll? Check. I've had my shots. The number of the hospital is programmed into the speed dial section of my phone. There is an entire room of our apartment dedicated to tiny clothing and doodads that I'm unsure how to use. Check, check and check. 

But when people ask me if I'm "ready" for this baby to come, I'm not quite sure. I mean, yes I do own an inordinate number of swaddle blankets, but whether that means that I am "ready" for 2 am feedings and preschool interviews and the pressure of raising a decent human being? I suppose that remains to be seen. 

I'm hitting my 39 week mark tomorrow. The last thing on my list is to pack a hospital bag. 

Let's be honest. This might be as ready as I get. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

re: Weighing In

\\ That's about all I see of my toes these days //
In a fit of quantified-self geekery last year, Derek and I bought a wireless scale from Fitbit that automatically sends our weight to a tidy little graph on an online profile every time we step on it, so that we end up with a nice picture of our weight over time. It is such a smart little device that it "recognizes" me, and blinks a little greeting of my name as I stand there waiting for my body fat percentage to appear.

My graph has been kind of fun to watch as my pregnancy progresses, as it arcs in a way that would be otherwise horrifying if I didn't have another growing human inside me to blame. In the beginning, the little blinking display would just dutifully tell me my new weight daily, without any hint of alarm or judgement as the number grew and grew every week.

Then there was the awkward phase where my weight got too close to Derek's for the scale to tell us apart very easily anymore. You could tell it didn't want to offend anyone ... but instead of boldly blinking my name when I stood on the scale it blinked it with a tentative question mark afterwords. "Bex?"

Now I've safely made it to the other side and the scale knows the difference between the two of us again, though hopefully it isn't the side of things that I'll be staying on too long. I'm planning to confuse the scale again in a few months.

Monday, September 30, 2013

re: DIY or DIE (and apparently we chose die)

\\ Don, our painter, doing a better job of  painting straight lines than I would //

I guess first it should be announced ... we bought a house*! In San Francisco!

 *(And when I say house, you should know I mean small three bedroom apartment in a three unit building, and that sometimes when describing it I say "bedrooms" with air quotes because I know people with closets that are bigger than what we are calling a unit of living space).

Regardless, I love it, and I am so excited to move in and make it our very own home.

Luckily, the place is pretty move-in ready. I may not love some of the tiles in the bathrooms or the kitchen cabinets, but they aren't falling apart so I'm not complaining. Basically, we just had to re-do a small section of the wood floors and repaint to get it ready for living in. And, after evaluating the amount of work that was to be done, we opted to pay skilled contractors to do it all for us.

I think for Derek (the engineer/craftyman who is always working on something) and I (the person who worked for ReadyMade Magazine and owned the URL for years), the idea of not actually participating in the renovations in our new home has felt a little like a personal failure. Especially after the internet seems to be full of dramatic BEFORE/AFTER shots of people that toiled away on a project and by the sweat of their brow ended up in a beautiful, personalized space that cost a fraction of what the rest of us suckers pay someone else to do.

The reality of the situation is that at 7.5 months pregnant, I can't be around all the crazy chemicals involved with stripping wood or painting, and an aching back isn't the best thing for hanging wallpaper. And, let's be honest - if we really had to wait for just the weekends/evenings to work on things inside the house, our son would probably be 2 years old by the time everything was actually ready for moving in.

The stakes also feel a little higher in a place that costs as many hundreds of thousands of dollars as this apartment does. It isn't like taking a risk on sanding down an old table that you bought for $5 at the thrift's wanting to make sure that someone removes the potential lead paint in the right way and fixes the cracks in the plaster that's been around since 1908. Suddenly, any ambition to do it myself is taken over by the desire to just make sure it is done well and done right.

I suspect that after we move in, there will still be plenty of possible DIY projects that will spring up. For now I can just enjoy the fact that we have 40 feet of wallpaper hanging straight in our hallway that I never said one swear word over. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

re: Math Problems

We interrupt many months of blogging silence to bring you this special video announcement:

1+1 from Rebecca Gholdston Wright on Vimeo.

(thanks, Paul Ferney, for helping us make this thing0

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

re: A Birthday StorySlam

We're big fans of The Moth and the Porchlight story telling series in our house, so to celebrate my birthday last week we decided to host our own StorySlam with our friends. A StorySlam is a live storytelling event where participants from the audience are chosen at random to come up to the mic and tell their true personal tales.

I rented out a little coffee shop around the corner from our apartment, set up a mic, and all night we drank delicious hot chocolate the barista whipped up for us and listened to our friends tell 5 minute true stories on the topic of "getting older."

Willing participants put their name in a box, and we drew 10 names over the course of the evening to tell a story in front of the group. We borrowed our rules from the Moth StorySlam, which were as follows: 

It must be TRUE
Stories are strictly non-fiction.   

It must be ON TOPIC
The story you've prepared should be intrinsically related to the theme of "Getting Older".   

Were you there? Are you one of the main characters? Your involvement in the events as they unfold is essential. No journalism. Eyewitness accounts only.   

It must be ON TIME
You've got to squeeze all of that into 5 minutes. 

And, if you'd like a taste of what we heard that evening, here's Collin, telling a story about a blind raccoon and his golden birthday. Enjoy:

Birthday Story Slam | November 30, 2012 from Rebecca Wright.

(pretty photos taken by Kristian + Kimmi, video by Julio)

Monday, October 15, 2012

re: A Morning in SLC

We were in Salt Lake for the weekend for a wedding, and on Saturday morning decided to visit the SLC Farmer's Market to get our picture taken by my dear friend Alisha Stamper. She specializes in portraits, and she brings her large format camera to the market to take lovely black and white photos on instant film:

We had a lot of fun posing for our photos, and celebrated by going to Bruges immediately afterwords and gorging ourselves on hot waffles and sausages. It was a perfect morning activity.

If you're in SLC, the market lasts another few weeks. $15 will get you your own 4x5 print (and if you love your pic, you can have larger prints made from the negative).